Our Mission

Fashion for Change is one of the largest clubs under the Federation of Students on the University of Waterloo campus. We strive to provide our members and the students of UW with the opportunity to express their artistic talents. We achieve this by hosting our Annual Charity Fashion Show where we introduce a modern twist to Fashion Runways by incorporating dance into the fashion scenes. Fashion for Change also hosts many events throughout the year providing opportunities for students to indulge in talents they may have never had the chance to explore. Our events range from Dance and Music Workshops, to Coffee Houses, etc.

All of our proceeds benefit WE Charity’s “WE Village” campaign in which we are sponsoring the war torn village of Moyamba, Sierra Leone in order to help improve the quality of healthcare and water in their communities. Since the club began, we have raised over $97, 000 for the cause we feel so passionately about.

This year we plan to continue our momentum and use fashion as an outlet to make a global impact!