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Find out more about the team that is here to bring you Fashion for Change 2017!

Alexandria Trigiani

President & Vice President

Hi all! My name is Alexandria Trigiani & I’m in my fourth year of Honours Science. This will be my third year with Fashion for Change & it’s been an incredible experience! Outside of FC (and studying) you can catch me binge watching tv shows, enjoying a novel, or finding a new piece to learn on the piano. This year I am excited to work with my Fashion for Change family and meet new people along the way. We have many things in store for this year and I cannot wait for you all to see it!

Giovanna Ngai

Artistic Director

Hello! My name is Gio, short for Giovanna. This is my fifth year in Fashion for Change (crazy, I know) and I am so excited to be the Artistic Director this year! I am currently finishing up my last year in ARBUS with a major in Fine Arts and minor in Psychology. You will most likely find me (or not find me because I’m) running to and from the art studio, making super creative art projects, taking pictures of absolutely everything, or eating chocolate… or all of the above at the same time. I absolutely love cross-disciplinary artistic expression and can’t wait to meet everyone on the team this year!

Jonathon Lyn

Model Director

Hey, I’m Jonathon and I am excited to be a part of Fashion for Change as one of your Model Directors this year! I am currently in my 4a term of Honours Science, and a few of my hobbies involve dancing, gaming, and watching anime. Studio Ghibli works by Hayao Miyazaki are some of my favourites, and I’ll spend too much of my spare time playing League and Overwatch, among many other games. I also love sharing and listening to music, as well as discovering new songs, and meeting new people. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone on the Fashion for Change Team this year, having a fun time, and working hard to make this amazing show happen with all of you beautiful people!

Mary Nguyen

Model Director

Hi guys! I’m Mary and I am also half of your Model Director team for this year! I am currently studying in my 3A term of Honours Science. Outside of studying, you will mostly likely catch me dancing, eating, or sleeping wherever I go. I can’t wait to meet everyone and work hard to make this year’s show a huge success!

Sahib Kalra

Marketing Director

Hey everyone! I’m Sahib Kalra, and I’m in my 4A term of the Global Business and Digital Arts program. This is my second year with Fashion for Change, and I’m excited to take part as your Marketing Director this time around! In my free time, I’ll likely be catching up on my favourite TV shows, keeping up with the hip hop world, taking part in some improv, and as of late, trying to predict when my 6 wisdom teeth will come in. I look forward to working with everyone on the team this year and making sure Fashion for Change is more successful than ever before!

Abigail Asuncion

Public Relations Director

Hi everyone! My name is Abigail and I’m in my 4A term of Honours Science with a Biology Minor. This is my fourth and final year being a part of the club. From being a model in my first year, I later became an executive and this year I’ll be your Public Relations Director! Outside of school and FC, you can probably find me squealing at videos of puppies, or, at a local Starbucks studying as I sip on my 7th green tea latte. This year, I’m excited to work with my team, continue to build and promote the FC brand and to be a part of the show for one last time! #FCislife #PR4life

Lauren Manley

Sponsorship Director

Hey everyone! My name is Lauren and I’m in my 4A term of Honours Psychology, with a specialization in German language. I am now three years strong with the club and I am looking forward to get started as the Sponsorship Director this year. Outside of FC, you would probably expect to find me working away in a research lab on campus, watching episodes of The Office or writing songs. I am looking forward to working with my team as well as the rest of the directors this year, and seeing the end product of all our hard work at this year’s show!

Vanessa Chu

Stage Director

Hello friends! My name is Vanessa and I’m the Stage Director. I’m also a student in 4A ARBUS English Rhetoric Professional Writing. This will be my fourth year with FC. I enjoy live music and cool socks. I’m so thankful to be a part of this club, and I am looking forward to creating an incredible show!

Tony Liu

Finance Director

Hi! I’m Tony and I am excited to be part of the Fashion for Change team as the Finance Director for Fashion for Change 2017! I am currently in my fourth year of AFM. In my spare time, I am most likely studying, dancing, or napping. If not, I am most likely binge watching shows on Netflix or various other streaming sites. I’m also a BIG foodie. I am looking forward to sharing the product of our hard work this year, and hope you all enjoy!

Nanyen Lin

Events Director

Hi everyone! I’m Nanyen and I am in the Speech Communications and Business program with a minor in Human Resources Management. This is my second year with Fashion for Change and I am really looking forward to this year’s show! In my free time away from FC, you can often find me gaming at home and streaming on Twitch. I also tend to eat out very often because food is love, food is life. I’m excited to be contributing to the FC family as the Events Director this year and I hope that I will be able to run some memorable events for you

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